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Attitudes that have nothing to do with religion, you can use the word secular

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A few words about
NRC - Non Religious Citizens

Non-religious citizens is a non-governmental organization founded for promoting scientific temper and rational thinking among the citizens. It is an organization for, by, and of the nonreligious and casteless humans. The main motive of the organization is to protect the social, cultural, and human rights of the aforementioned people. Alienation of true-secular people in a society, social exclusion, mental and physical vandalism should be condemned and stopped retrospectively. 

Discrimination based on religion, caste, class, race, color, and gender on social and cultural matters should not be the traits of a modern citizen. Let us work together for the establishment of modern values in each of the citizens.


Why Non Religious Citizens Relevant ?

Protect the human rights of non-religious people and Emphasize scientific mindset and progress

Too many countries fail to uphold their human rights obligations regarding non-religious people. Yet the international human rights framework is very clear that such rights exist.


The Leadership

Arif Hussain Theruvath


Dileep Ismail


Shafeeq MK



Vice President


Joint Secretary

Zons George

Executive Member

Shaija Manu

Executive Member


Executive Member

Abdul Azeez

Executive Member

Unni Siddharth

Executive Member


& Updates

Protect the human rights of non-religious people. and Emphasize scientific mindset and progress

Atheism Among Muslims is “Spreading Like Wildfire”

x-Muslims are publicly flaunting their rejection of Islam as never before: a steamy tell-all memoir tops the country’s best-seller lists. One video (with 1.5 million views) shows a copy of the Koran ripped into pieces; another video shows a woman in a bikini cooking and eating bacon; and blasphemous cartoons of Muhammad. Beyond such provocations, ex-Muslims work to change the image of Islam. Wafa Sultan went on Al Jazeera television to excoriate Islam in an exalted Arabic and over thirty million viewers watched the video. Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote a powerful autobiography about growing up female in Somalia and went on to author high-profile books criticizing Islam. Ibn Warraq wrote or…

Ex-Muslims in India find solidarity online as they face social and familial rejection

MUMBAI, India (RNS) — Arif Hussain Theruvath used to fast during Ramadan, studied in a madrassa in the southern state of Kerala, followed fundamentalist Islamic preachers online and prayed five times a day. But over time, he grew disillusioned with Islam, and he officially came out online as an “ex-Muslim” in 2019. “I left Islam for two reasons: Slavery is still accepted in the religion,  and when you look at the way it treats women, it’s horrible,” said Theruvath. (Whether slavery is practiced in any Islamic countries today is a point of dispute.) His rejection triggered consequences. His wife left him and…

NRC 1st Meeting

മതരഹിതരുടെ സംഘടനയായ Non Religious Citizens ൻ്റേ ഓഫ്‌ലൈൻ ആയുള്ള പ്രഥമ ഔദ്യോഗിക കൂടിക്കാഴ്ച നടന്നു.വിവിധ ജില്ലാ പ്രതിനിധികൾ പങ്കെടുത്തു. സാമൂഹ്യ മാധ്യമവും വിവര സാങ്കേതിക വിദ്യയും നൽകുന്ന സൗകര്യങ്ങൾ ആണ്…


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